Sunday, August 06, 2006

On The Run: The Stowaway Solution

On The Run
The Stowaway Solution
Gordon Korman

When LA gets too dangerous for Meg and Aiden Falconer, they have one chance of survival, and they have to stow away. When they are captured they go overboard in a life raft, in the middle of a huge storm. Will they survuve?

This book was great! Thank goodness Aiden read the Mac Mulvey books!

If you had to get out of LA without being noticed, with FBI, poliece and a trained killer after you, how would you do it?

How would you stowaway on a ship?

If you lost a companion from your life raft in a storm, would you give them up as dead?

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Anonymous said...

"The Stowaway Solution" was pretty amazing!! I wonder how Gordon Korman can think of all these escapes! They are so cool (though the stowing away is not THAT original!)

Anonymous said...

It is such a good book with nonstop action