Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day

Hey everyone! I just wanted to say Happy Leap Day on this very special day!
For those of you who were never told about leap day, never knew about leap day, or forgot why leap day happens, this will hopefully help. For those of you who never cared about why leap day, too bad, you are about to find out anyway, unless of course you stop reading. Anyway, the reason that we have a leap day every four years is because It takes Earth 365 and 1/4 days to revolve. People won’t want to stay up an extra 6 hours past midnight to wait for the new year, so we wait until the quarter days add up to one whole day, and they add it to the end of February. It is most likely February because it is the shortest month, but don’t hold me to that. You may wonder why we even care about those 6 hours extra every year, and the answer is simple; after years and years, those 6 hours add up to months and we would be celebrating the 4th of July in the snow, christmas in our swimsuits, and it would be impossible to find the easter eggs because they would be under a pile of leaves. Yes, this means that the seasons would totally mess up. This is almost solved today. Almost. Because the earth doesn’t revolve over the time of EXACTLY 365 1/4 days, just under, our calendar skips leap year every hundred years with some exceptions. If you would like a more in-depth and less confusing, the Tim and Moby movie from Brain Pop does an excellent job explaining it (I watched it in 5th hour today, so that is how I know about half of what I just said). Well, I hope this helps you!
Now remember, this is an EXTRA day that only happens once every FOUR years! Use this extra time to read some new books, finish some, and comment!

The Day of the Djinn Warriors

The Day of the Djinn Warriors
Children of the Lamp #4

P. B. Kerr

John and Phillipa Gaunt are on yet another adventure. They must save Faustina, Dybuck's sister, and get her into her own body to become the Blue Djinn before Mrs. Gaunt has a hard heart to her family! While the twins are on their adventure, they find that there are strange disturbances in the spirit world, and that museums are haveing strange thefts of Jade.....

This is my favorite yet of the Children of the Lamp series. (This next sentence has a SPOILER so do not read if you haven't read the books already! It ends at the next parentheses.) I was very sad Mr. Rakshasas died, and I hope that he can return. (The spoiler is over now, continue from here.) I think it is a very good book and was excited to see much growth in many charactars. The djinn world is becoming more and more real! Keep up the work Mrs. Kerr!

Which djinn tribe to you think you would be in? Why?

Would you want to be the Blue Djinn if you could let your spirit be unchanged?

Do you think that Iblis will somehow return? How?

Please give me your comments and answers to this post.

Spiderwick Chronicles - Books vs. Movie

Spiderwick Chronicles
Books vs. Movie

Hey Everyone! A few days ago, well, a few months ago, I went to the Spiderwick Chronicles movie. Basicly, these books and movie are about this group of kids that can see fairies, boggarts, trolls, and goblins, and they have to protect the field guide from Mulgarath.

As a movie, the Spiderwick Chronicles was a great action/adventure movie for kids in about 3-6th grade. I myself liked it, but it was nothing like the book.

They left our charactars such as the elves, the dragons, the troll in the swamp, and many more. Some charactars they added were the liitle white fairies that took Arthor. They left out the junkyard and added a mushroom circle. Little changes like these completely changed the story. A few events that were different were that Simon went to see Lucinda, Mallory went to save Simon, and their mother was kidnapped and never really met the creatures until after the junkyard when Jared explained.

Well, on a book vs. movie standpoint, this is second worst to Eragon, the worst movie in existance, but I think that it still is a good movie.

Please give me your comments and thoughts to this post.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hello Everyone!

Hey Everybody!

Those of you who are my regular readers, yes I am still using this blog, I just have not posted in a while. I am very close to finishing a book today and am hoping to write a post on it very soon.

On a different note, I know many of you have probably read or at least heard of the Guardians of GaHoole series. One of the things I have always wanted to do was hold something like one of the ice swords (I can't remember what books they are in, but it is like around 10 or so). Well today, I was walking around and Soren stoped by with an ice sword, so here is a picture:

Ok, ok, so maybe it wasn't Soren, but this is a picture of a 2 1/2 foot long Icicle that realy reminds me of an ice sword, so I thought I'd share. I actually found a three foot long one, but it broke as I set it on the ground (not good for fighting with).

Once again, I apologize for not posting in a few months, but remember to keep on reading!