Thursday, June 29, 2006


By Tor Seidler
Mark Twain Award Nominee

Toes is a story about a seven toed cat that gets lost from his family, and falls into a basement while looking for shelter. Toes, the cat, is very smart, and uses the toilet, and turns on and off the sink. When Toes is almost starved of hunger, Sebastian, the house owner, finds toes and keeps him. Toes encourages Sebastian with his music and is a wonderful companion for the lonley man.

Toes was a great story, my tied-for-favorite Mark Twain Award Nominee, and made me cry. The author made you grow attached to Toes, and the end was very sad. Details were great and I could picture the whole thing.

If you were a kitten with five toes and you had a brother with seven, how would you treat him?

If you were a kitten with seven toes and had brothers and sisters with five, how would you feel?

If you lived all alone in a house and there was a starving cat in your basement, would you keep it? If so, how long?

How would you feel if you lived all alone, never had company except a bird, and your best-of-the-best cat died, how would you feel?

Please give me your comments and answers to this post.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Cabin on Trouble Creek

Cabin on Trouble Creek
By Jean Van Leeuwen
Mark Twain Award Nominee

As the father of Will and Daniel heads back to Pennsylvania to get the rest of the family, the two boys try to get as much done with the new cabin as they can. When the rest of the family don't arrive in time, Will and Daniel have to gather supplies and prepare for the coming winter months. With and unexpected friend, Will and Daniel try to conquer the forest. Will the survive?

This story was awesome! The suspence and adventure griped me all of the way through, and made me picture everything. The story was very realistic and full of detail.

If you were in the woods with only one other person, what would you do if a native american walked up to you?

How would you survive if you were in the woods with an axe, two knives, and one companion, and you were there with only that for months longer than expected?

Wat would you do if you were confronted by a bear?

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Eragon Book Three Predictions

Eragon Book Three Predictions (Book 4 Predictions coming soon!)

The book will be coming out September 23, 2008!

Today I thought that I would occasionally do book predictions, not only report on books. One of my favorite series is Eragon. The third book should be coming out in maybe a year. Here are some things I think will happen.

Since I now have over 1000 posts and read both books again, I have new ideas. My old list is below.

1. The Green Dragon Rider is Arya because in Deathwatch in Eragon, he sees a male and female boarding a ship with dragons in the sky.It also would make sense because there hasn't been a female rider mentioned, and there hasn't been a new elf rider for a while. A reason that many people say is that Arya also has green magic, and magic color is the same as dragon color. The color of magic means nothing until you have bonded with the dragon.

2.Oromis and Glaeder will die. They are old and Oromis said that he was lucky to live to train Eragon. They are both crippled as well.

3. Roran. He will save Katrina and get married. He will become ruler of Alagaesia because he has blood of the first human king. He is also a natural leader.

4.Eragon will probably bring someone back from the dead through the vault of souls. The other prediction of Solembum's may have already passed. Eragon got his elf-like strength from under the tree. Some of you may say "It was not totaly beneath the tree," but it doesn't have to be under the roots. It neither says that the weapon is a physical weapon.

5.Murtagh somehow turns good and marries Nasuada. They both like each other.

6. Elva has an important role.

7. Saphira and the green dragon mate.

Just To Clear Some Things Up.

1.The next Dragon is Green because CP said so already.

2.The new book does have Glaeder on the cover.

3. CP did not copy Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, many books/movies have similar plots.

4.The title is Brisingr.

5.This is NOT the last book.

Old Predictions

1. Eragon and Roran get Katrina and defeat the Ra 'zak.
2. The Varden get the green egg.
3. Roran hatches the green egg.
4. Eragon completes his training with Oromis.
5. Eragon and Roran get Rider Swords.
6. The two things Solumbum tells Eragon come true.
7. Murtagh MIGHT turn good.
8. Galbatorix is defeated.

Please tell me what you think will happen.

Eragon Book vs. Movie is also a post by me. has many predictions

Ranger's Apprentice

Ranger's Apprentice
The Ruins of Gorlan
By John Flanagan

As the wards of Castle Redmont line up in a row, the craftmasters look them over. The wards of the castle are 15, the age of choosing, The choosing was when the craftmasters who needed an apprentice chose who they would take. Will, a small boy wanted to go to battleschool, because his father had died a hero. When the battlemaster rejects him, he is chosen to be a ranger.

This book was one of my favorites. There was enough fantasy to make it excition, but not too much to make it far out. The story was filled with suspence from start to finish, and there were enough details to allow me to picture the scenes. Great book.

Ranger's Apprentice
The Burning Bridge
By John Flanagan
When Gilan, Halt the Ranger's first apprentice shows up in the middle of the night, needing two companions, Will and his knight apprentice friend, Horace, go on an adventure to deliver an important message to a neighboring kingdom. When Will, Horace, and a newly found companion have to split up from Gilan, they find a major problem in the upcoming war plans. The army is in the wrong place...
Another suspenceful story that will grip you to the end. Will is faced with challenges that are harder than his last adventure, and Horace is faced with a task that means certain death. The details were once again great.
If you could chose what craft you would learn, what would it be?
If you saw a ranger horse, would you try to get on it?
If you found a girl in the middle of your path, would you take her with you, where ever you were going?
Please give me your comments and answers to this post.

Vampire Plagues: London 1850

Vampire Plagues: London 1850
By Sebastian Rook

One day, a young street unchin named Jack sees an unusual ship come to dock in London. There were no boxes being unloaded, there wasn't even a crew. As Jack watches the strange ghost ship, a hundred or more bats fly from the cabins. A while later a boy runs off and Jack chases him down an alley. The boy, Ben, tells Jack a startling story, and now London is in grave danger.

This book, recommended to me by my best friend Bradley, was a wonderful story filled with suspence. I can't wait to read the next in the series. The story was detailed and exciting, a wonderful read.

If you were Jack and saw a strrange ship pull into a harbor that gets visits from all of the world, would you pay attention to the one carrying the vampires?

If you were Mrs. Mills, and a mere twelve year old boy (no offence to twelve year old boys) told you not to let an old friend of your employer into the house, and the man told you the opposite, who would you believe?

If there was a house of vampires and you had some blood rose or knew where some was, would you fight them or just let someone do it for you?

Please give me your comments and answers to this post.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Charlie's Raven

Charlie's Raven
By Jean George
Mark Twain Award Nominee

As Charlie's grandfather gets sicker and sicker, Charlie climbs a tree to get a baby raven to cure him. The raven is named Blue Sky, and Charlie and his grandparents put a band on his leg for identification. To keep Blue Sky, Charlie must be doing a study on him. Charlie decides to see if ravens are good, or evil.

This book was awesome! The end was sad, but that is true in many good books. Plus, not everything goes right in real life anyway. The story was suspensful, interesting, and realistic. The details were wonderful.

If your grandfather was sick and ravens really did heal, would you steal one from a nest?

Would you like to have a bird like Blue Sky or Pinecone?

Do you think ravens are good, evil, or mysterious?

Please give me your comments and answers to this post.

Funerals and Fly Fishing

Funerals and Fly Fishing
By Mary Bartek

Mark Twain Award Nominee
Funerals and Fly Fishing is a story about Brad Stanislawski being sent to his grandfathers house after his mom wins a trip to California. At first, Brad isn't too excited to go to see a guy his mom won't talk too, not to mention that he runs a funeral home. Once he gets to Pennsylvania, he finds out his grandfather isn't that bad. One day, Brad and his grandfather go to a ball game, a boy tells Brad some startling news...

Funerals and Fly Fishing was a really good story. I think the events were things that could really happen, so the story felt like it really happened. There could have been a little more detail, but other than that, it was a great story. It will be hard to vote against it for Mark Twain Award.

What would you do if you were in Brad's place? What would you do if your parent or parents went on a relaxing vacation and you had to go to a funeral home with someone you had never met?

If you saw a dead person in a casket, what would you do?

If you were told the person you were staying with was scalping dead people, would you investigate? Would you try to get home?

Would you go fly fishing?

Please give me your comments and answers to this post.