Thursday, June 29, 2006


By Tor Seidler
Mark Twain Award Nominee

Toes is a story about a seven toed cat that gets lost from his family, and falls into a basement while looking for shelter. Toes, the cat, is very smart, and uses the toilet, and turns on and off the sink. When Toes is almost starved of hunger, Sebastian, the house owner, finds toes and keeps him. Toes encourages Sebastian with his music and is a wonderful companion for the lonley man.

Toes was a great story, my tied-for-favorite Mark Twain Award Nominee, and made me cry. The author made you grow attached to Toes, and the end was very sad. Details were great and I could picture the whole thing.

If you were a kitten with five toes and you had a brother with seven, how would you treat him?

If you were a kitten with seven toes and had brothers and sisters with five, how would you feel?

If you lived all alone in a house and there was a starving cat in your basement, would you keep it? If so, how long?

How would you feel if you lived all alone, never had company except a bird, and your best-of-the-best cat died, how would you feel?

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it actually looks interesting