Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Cabin on Trouble Creek

Cabin on Trouble Creek
By Jean Van Leeuwen
Mark Twain Award Nominee

As the father of Will and Daniel heads back to Pennsylvania to get the rest of the family, the two boys try to get as much done with the new cabin as they can. When the rest of the family don't arrive in time, Will and Daniel have to gather supplies and prepare for the coming winter months. With and unexpected friend, Will and Daniel try to conquer the forest. Will the survive?

This story was awesome! The suspence and adventure griped me all of the way through, and made me picture everything. The story was very realistic and full of detail.

If you were in the woods with only one other person, what would you do if a native american walked up to you?

How would you survive if you were in the woods with an axe, two knives, and one companion, and you were there with only that for months longer than expected?

Wat would you do if you were confronted by a bear?

Please give me your comments and answers to this post.

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Harli said...

Im almost finished with the book its really good i wish i could start over but i cant wait to see if their ma or pa get back.