Friday, June 23, 2006

Charlie's Raven

Charlie's Raven
By Jean George
Mark Twain Award Nominee

As Charlie's grandfather gets sicker and sicker, Charlie climbs a tree to get a baby raven to cure him. The raven is named Blue Sky, and Charlie and his grandparents put a band on his leg for identification. To keep Blue Sky, Charlie must be doing a study on him. Charlie decides to see if ravens are good, or evil.

This book was awesome! The end was sad, but that is true in many good books. Plus, not everything goes right in real life anyway. The story was suspensful, interesting, and realistic. The details were wonderful.

If your grandfather was sick and ravens really did heal, would you steal one from a nest?

Would you like to have a bird like Blue Sky or Pinecone?

Do you think ravens are good, evil, or mysterious?

Please give me your comments and answers to this post.


Papa said...
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Papa said...

It sounds like a good book and serious or realistic stories are very popular. However, I always like a happy ending.

Corey said...

The ending is kind of sad, kind of happy, but a little more sad. A book with a sad ending is Toes.

Anonymous said...

im suposed to have read that book 4 school and i didn't. it just couldn't keep my attention. it was totallllllly boring!!

Monica said...

This is the second year I have asked my students to read, different grades,to read it. It teaches values, ecology and respect to people's property and privacy.

Merry Time said...

Yes, I would steal a raven from a nest or I would go to a bird store and buy one there. I would like a bird like Blue Sky for two reasons. First, he sound fun, active and exciting. Second, the book doesn't tell much about how Pinecone acts and behaves.

I think raven's are good and mysterious. It's good that he's a nice pet, a caring pet and that he is loyal to Charlie and his family. The raven is mysterious because how does he know that Granddad needs love and care? Why did he do all of those crazy things such as poked holes in the raft.
By Olivia

Merry Time said...

I would want to save my Grandfather , because I only have one of them.

I would choose Pincone because she is a female.

Ravens are mysterious because no one know WHY they do what they do.