Friday, February 29, 2008

Spiderwick Chronicles - Books vs. Movie

Spiderwick Chronicles
Books vs. Movie

Hey Everyone! A few days ago, well, a few months ago, I went to the Spiderwick Chronicles movie. Basicly, these books and movie are about this group of kids that can see fairies, boggarts, trolls, and goblins, and they have to protect the field guide from Mulgarath.

As a movie, the Spiderwick Chronicles was a great action/adventure movie for kids in about 3-6th grade. I myself liked it, but it was nothing like the book.

They left our charactars such as the elves, the dragons, the troll in the swamp, and many more. Some charactars they added were the liitle white fairies that took Arthor. They left out the junkyard and added a mushroom circle. Little changes like these completely changed the story. A few events that were different were that Simon went to see Lucinda, Mallory went to save Simon, and their mother was kidnapped and never really met the creatures until after the junkyard when Jared explained.

Well, on a book vs. movie standpoint, this is second worst to Eragon, the worst movie in existance, but I think that it still is a good movie.

Please give me your comments and thoughts to this post.

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B.S.Navin said...

I totally agree with you. From the time I saw the trailer, I was eager to watch the movie.

I made a grave mistake when around 10 days before the movie release, I got the books & read them.

After readings the books, the events shown in the movie trailer itself indicated the extent of difference between the book & the movie.

I am disappointed, as the story had a great potential to become a great series of movie, with the variety of characters in the book.