Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Attention! There will be things mentioned in this post about the ending of the series! Do not read unless you have finished the book!
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
J.K. Rowling
Harry needs to get to the Burrow without getting seen. With six decoy Harrys, the order is hoping to distract Death eaters long enough to get Harry to safety. As they take off, death eaters surround them and the race begins. The decoys soar off in different directions and meet at the Burrow with two losses, Mad-Eye Moody, and Hedwig. Now Harry, Ron, and Hermione are on the run from the Ministry and Voldemort, and the wizarding community is in complete disorter.
Can Harry find all of the Horcruxes, and possibly find out about the mysterious Deathly Hallows before caught?
This book was awesome, but could have been better. The epilogue was satisfying with Ginny and Harry together and Ron and Hermione together, but too many people died in the book. Hedwig's death was completely unnecesary, and so was Collins. One of Teddy's parents should have lived at least, and Snape didn't even need to die, though it made since. I did like that Kreacher is good and Dobby at least died protecting Harry and Harry became a godfather, but still! it was too depressing. Otherwise, a great finish to the series.
I am very sad it is over. :(
What character in the book (or books) do you think you are similar to?
Would you try to continue the DA if you were Ginny, Luna, or Neville?
What characers did you think would live/die?
Please give me your comments and answers to this post.


Anonymous said...

Oh that book was soo good! I'm so sad it's over! The series has been with me forever! The last book was really good though! Loved the ending, closed it up well. I'll miss the series!

Anonymous said...


hedwig tear
moody tear tear
dobby tear tear tear
harry WAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!HOORAY!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

that book was too good of an ending. it made me want the next 1 but then i realized it was the end and got all sad.

Melissa said...

I just wanted to comment on how you mentioned that either tonks or lumpin should have lived...

I believe J.K.'s reasonings behind killing them both of was to mirror what had happend to Harry, but in this case Teddy's life was much better because his god-father was there for him and he knew of his past.

Anonymous said...

i wonder what my Patronous would be. mabye a bird.

Anonymous said...

I thought too many people were killed and what shocked me most was thatLupin and Tonks were killed too. I wonder who takes care of Teddy while he's not at Harry's house because in the end it said that he VISITS for dinner sometimes.

Anonymous said...

It was so sad!!!!!!!!!!