Monday, March 21, 2011


Pathfinder Series 1

Orson Scott Card

For as long as he can remember, Rigg has been able to see the paths of every animal that has ever lived. He lives with his father in the woods, constantly being tutored, quizzed, and tested over many skills that seem useless for their trade as trappers. But when Rigg's father is mortally wounded by a falling tree, he tells Rigg to journey to the ancient capital of the wallfold to meet a sister Rigg never knew he had. Rigg leaves the small town he occasionally called home with a friend, Umbo, who also has a special gift: the ability to speed up a person's mind, making time appear to slow down. When Rigg and Umbo try cashing in some of Rigg's inheritance to get travelling money, Rigg learns a startling secret about his true identity that puts his life in grave danger...
Read the first three chapters here!

My Thoughts:
This was an absolutely AWESOME book. Many people are familiar with Card's Ender's Game book/series, which is well known science fiction that deals with aliens. This science fiction story, at least in my opinion, is much better and applicable to people. At the beginning of each chapter, you follow (for a few paragraphs) the space journey of Ram, a commander that is the first human to attempt to reach light-speed and bend space and time to reach a destination 31 light-years away, instantly. I am in Physics class this year, so I have heard a few of the theories about why or why not this is considered possible. I love contemplating these kinds of scenarios, and with the special abilities of characters make it more so. Once Rigg and Umbo learn to time travel, another interesting theoretical ability is brought into question. As I said with The Tomorrow Code, I love considering the possibilities and impossibilities of time travel and the paradoxes that ensue, so this book was right up my alley. I was able to make many predictions that came true throughout the book, and I like when the author gradually leads the reader to an assumption that is later stated as correct without making it obvious. The book definitely made me think, but it was also a very enjoyable story, and I am excited for the continuation of the story!

Questions for Thought:
1. Which of the special abilities in the story do you think is the most useful?

2. Were you Loaf and realized that the boy in your tavern had a ton of wealth on him, would you help him and risk your own safety?

3. If you were Rigg, would you try to escape from the hands of the Council, simply let them do what they want with you, or try to find a way to become king?

Please leave your comments and answers!

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