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Ann Aguirre

Deuce has finally been fully accepted into the Enclave as a huntress. It is her job, with her partner Fade, to bring in as much meat as she can from the underground network where the Enclave resides. However, this is a job easier said than done. Fade, her partner, is from the outside and has never been fully accepted or trusted by the Enclave. However, that is the least of Deuce's worries. The Freaks, semi-intelligent mutated humanoids, are getting smarter and more organized, so danger lies around every curve in the dark tunnels. However, when the Enclave refuses to listen to Deuce and Fade about the threat, they are banished to the topside, the true surface of Earth that is even more dangerous than the underground tunnels. Fade and Deuce have only one hope to life: escape to the north, a place rumored to be truly safe from gangs, rival Enclaves, and gruesome Freaks.

My Thoughts:
Enclave is one of my favorite recent YA dystopian novels. The brutal struggle for survival reminds me of Katniss in the arena of Hunger Games, however Deuce's companion, Fade, is slightly more helpful that Peeta when it comes to the constant fights for survival. The suspense in this book was well maintained by a few key plot twists, mainly the transition from the tunnels to topside, but certain alliances were interesting and frustrating to the reader. The book clearly shows how in desperate situations, deadly enemies can be come invaluable allies. It also warns us that ignorant stubbornness can lead to one's demise. Thinking back to the book, I am curious what the Freaks really are. At first, I thought they had once been humans that caught some sort of terrible disease, such as in The Enemy, but since they were getting more intelligent, that theory seems unlikely. My one complaint about the book is that the end seemed a little bit too easy and perfect. I have heard rumors of a sequel, though I haven't looked into it, so maybe it will make me feel better about the supposed utopia that was found. Aside from that one complaint, this book really was a great read, and a quick one, too, if only for the fact that you won't want to put it down.

Questions for Thought:
1. What job would you want to have in the Enclave?

2. Would you try to resist the poor leadership in the Enclave, or would you play it safe and just deal with it? If you would resist, how would you go about it, and how would you change things?

3. Were you banished, would you try to survive in the tunnels or go topside?

4. Had you been in the Enclave your entire life and were suddenly thrown into strange life on the surface, what would your plan be?

5. Would you ever be able to trust an ally that had once tried to kill you and your best friend?

Please leave your comments and answers!

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