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Joseph Heller


Yossarian is a bombardier in WWII who believes that everyone is out to kill him. After a comrade is killed in a bombing run, Yossarian is severely scarred and does all he can to remain grounded. Eventually he works up his resolve to finish his tour of duty, but every time he nears the number of required missions, his commanding officer, Colonel Cathcart, raises the number of required missions in a bid to impress his superiors and gain a promotion to general.

My Thoughts:
I know that the above synopsis is very short and rather dull, but this book was quite entertaining. Catch-22 is probably one of the funniest books I have ever read. The book is filled with hypocritical, circular statements and "crazy" characters that had me laughing out loud through much of the book. However, be warned that the plot can be hard to follow since it is completely out of order and frequently will spend chapters at a time on various sub-plots. The book actually starts somewhere in the middle of the action. However, there is a purpose behind the odd chronology as I discussed in my English paper I wrote over the book thoroughly describes. However, I won't bother you with all of the detailed analyses that the paper covers. All of the characters are very unique and leave a lasting impression. Still, Yossarian is by far my favorite as he seems to get himself into the weirdest situations. Really, I'm not sure what else to say about the book. (It's a great book to read but can be hard to discuss. So just read it.)

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