Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Legend of Luke

The Legend of Luke
Brian Jaques

Part One and Three - When a young hedgehog maid comes to Redwall and sings a song about Luke, the father of Martin the Warrior, Martin becomes troubled by his past. Soon, he and his adventuresome friends are off to learn what happened to Luke.

Part Two - Luke's wife, Sanya, was murdered by Vilu Daskar, a tretcherour villian who takes slaves. After conquering a ship, Luke and his tribe hunts down Vilu to kill him. Will he make it?

This book, though it took a long time to read, was awesome! I liked that the middle section was about Luke, not just Vurg telling a story. My favorite character is Chugger, the way he talks and behaves is hallarious! This was one of my Favorite of the twelve Redwall books I have read! Great Book!

If you forgot what your father was like, and would have to travel far to know about him, would you go through the same journey as Martin?

If you could be any of the animals in the book, what would you be?

If you were Luke, would you hold Vilu down if it meant you would die, just to make sure he did?

Please give me your comments and answers to these posts.


Anonymous said...

sorry to say this but i disagree. . . i dispise the redwall books. the prequel, mossflower, was amazing, but after that all the other books are totally stupid ilogical and goody-two-shoe-ish. at the end of the book i almost wish the rats and stoats and foxes would win.
another reason why i don't like the books is because no matter what amount of trouble the redwall group is in they still ilogically pull through because the spirit of martin the warrior (which they treat like a god) always makes the "meany bad guys" go head over heals into their graves.
due to this every time i attempt to read one of these books i feel like spitting on the book in desgust.
also the story lines are exactly the same. if you've read one redwall book, you've read them all.
its sad that the writer did such a good job in the beginning then ran it to the ground in the end

amanda said...

I both disagree and agree with the anonoymous person. I think the books are all kind of the same, and the spirit of martin is the only thing that really keeps them from all dying, but I disagree with the person because i do not think that the redwall mice are all goody-two-shoeish. And i like the attitude of the mice. sometimes they are a bit cheesy but other than that they are pretty cool books.

Unidentified person said...

Complete opposite to anonymous i love the REDWALL books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don`t see how anyone could not like them. The`re awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unidentified person said...

Brian Jacques is one of the best writers in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unidentified person said...

ANYONE who despises the REDWALL books is an enemy to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rarotreks said...

The redwall books are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peter said...

i think my favorite charector is, like corey, chugger i wish i could meet this captain of the honeysuckle.