Sunday, December 26, 2010

Corey's Book Talk is on Twitter!

Hey everyone!

Since I am now trying to keep more active, I thought that it may be helpful to have twitter updates on my reading as well (since I know that you are always wondering when you will hear from me next....yeah nevermind...). This is as much to help keep me accountable as it is to keep you updated.

The account name is @CoreysBookTalk, so please follow me! Right now I am my only follower, which is rather of narcissistic.

Also, you can see my most recent updates right over there! =>
(Well, right there for a while, as I make new posts the feed will not drop with this post, it will always be at the top of the screen. You were probably able to figure that one out by yourself though. I waste so much time blabbering about the obvious a lot...)

As my first tweet says, though it is slightly abbreviated, the purpose of the account is to announce new blog posts in another place, announce new books that I recommended, have received, or want. Also, I will update it with maybe a random thing I figured out in a book (I can be slow sometimes and when I figure things out it is very exciting.) or even to ask questions to you all!

Hopefully this will be a good new addition to the blog and I am excited to keep it up this time.

(I know that in my Christmas Eve post that I said that the first two books would be Brain Jack and The Maze Runner, but the darn Maze Runner Trilogy is so suspenseful/addicting that I had to read the next one, and then I needed to do its review right away. Brain Jack should be coming soon, hopefully in about 15 minutes.)

Happy tweeting/reading!

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