Friday, December 31, 2010

Book of the Year - 2010

I would now like to introduce a new award, the Book of the Year! (I'd explain, but I figure it's pretty self-explanatory.)
The Book of the Year is a little different this year than it will be in the future. I have not actually blogged about the book that is receiving this award, but it deserves it no less. The 2010 Book of the Year goes to...
...The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins!

Really, the award should go to the whole series, but I figured I had already broken one rule by not having blogged about it. Also, I am not going to say too much about the book here because I hope to write a blog post about it in the near future. This was a great book that definitely tugs at your emotions and makes you sympathize with the characters. I absolutely love it and have read the trilogy twice. I would DEFINITELY recommend it.

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Anonymous said...

i agree! i agree i agree i agree- but did you post a blog about the book yet? just curious- im a new fan, and just started checking out your work