Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Skinjacker Trillogy
Book 2

Neal Shusterman

Nick and Allie have now gone their separate ways, fighting their own separate battles. Nick, now known around Everlost as the dreaded Chocolate Ogre, is trying to free as many souls from Everlost as he can, saving them from Mary's misguided views of Everlost. Allie has gone a totally different direction, starting to venture home with Mikey, the recently transformed McGill. She meets a new band of Skinjackers that teach her secrets, but the leader, Minoh, seems to be hiding things from her, plotting behind her back. At the same time, Nick realizes that a war is coming between him and Mary, and he needs all of the help Everlost can provide. With new powers of Everlost revealed and new, terrible plots from Mary, the stakes for Nick and Allie are higher than ever.

My Thoughts:
I would say that this book is probably better than the first, filled with more action and suspenseful plots. Nick's chocolate situation makes things seem desperate for him, and Mary's deadly plots make the story fast paced and exciting. The alliances that turn on each other make the reader question where true individual plans lie, and I know that I am definitely needing the third book! My one "complaint" is that the book had a little too much romance, and that the relationships are not only irrelevant due to the circumstances of Everlost, but they keep switching every time somebody has an argument. Still, the book is very good, and I would definitely encourage you to keep reading the series!

Questions for Thought:
1. What ability would you want to have if you lived in Everlost? (Skinjacking, Ecto-ripping, morphing, etc.)

2. Were you Mikey, traveling with the Skinjackers, would you trust your crush to go off with another guy all day, every day and not follow?

3. What do you think is across the Mississippi?

One quick unrelated note: I am VERY sorry that it took me this long to get the review up. I will try harder to get these up right away, hopefully starting tomorrow with reviews for Tunnels and Empty.

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