Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Blog Update in a Blizzard

Hey Everyone! It's another Blog Update! (I changed the name from Weekend Update to Blog Update because last time it was on a Thursday, and this one is on a Tuesday.)

As you may have noticed, I have not been timely with my book review lately, but they are now up. I have been very busy lately, but I hope to improve.

The main topic of this post is the brand new Facebook page I set up for the blog! So what are you waiting for?!?! Go "Like" it and tell your friends! (For easy access, there is a "Like" button just to the right of this post in the handy-dandy side bar of awesomeness, just beneath the twitter feed.)

Well, maybe not just yet, I guess I have a few more things to say. The purpose of the Facebook page will be to give smaller updates (like what I need to be doing more often on Twitter, sorry about that), spread the word of the blog easier (by having you all like the page and suggest it to your friends, as I have done), and to get more community interaction. This page will make it easier to get your input, suggestions, and book recommendations, as well as converse with other readers.

Oh yeah! You probably are wondering why this update is in a blizzard! As it turns out, I am in a Blizzard Warning right now, either the first or second in my town's history! We had 6 inches a few hours ago, and it has still been snowing. You know what, let me go check the new total...brb...

...okay, it is VERY cold outside. It is hard to tell exactly how much we have due to a layer of ice underneath and wind blowing the snow everywhere, but it is somewhere around 7-8.5 inches, and it is still snowing. For some of you, this sounds like nothing, but for me this is VERY rare, and it was 70 degrees on Saturday.

Well, that's all for now! Have a great rest of the week, and keep reading!

- Corey

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