Monday, February 28, 2011

I Am Number Four

I Am Number Four
Lorien Legacies #1

Pittacus Lore

"In the beginning we were a group of nine.
Three are gone, dead.
There are six of us left.
They are hunting us, and they won't stop until they've killed us all.
I am Number Four.
I know that I am next."

Lorien was destroyed by the Mogadorians in a surprise attack that became a massacre. Only one ship was able to escape the bloodshed, carrying nine young Garde and their Cepans. The Garde develop Legacies, special powers that they use to defend Lorien, and the Cepans train them and guide them along the way. These nine were charmed so that they could only be killed in the order of their numbers, but three have been killed, and Number Four, currently known as John, knows that he is next. John and his Cepan, Henri, have moved to Paradise, Ohio, and John is not optimistic about the new town. After a few days of school, John has already sorted out his problems and made a new friend, has a girlfriend, and found a pet dog! Things are looking great, but Henri finds out that the Mogadorians are closing in. John refuses to leave his friends, and the two begin to fight. One day, Henri doesn't come home, and John knows that he is in big trouble...

My Thoughts:
Once again, I don't think that my review gave this book justice at all. I was very skeptical of this book at first, but I decided since the movie was out, I had to read it so I could give you my expert opinion on things. Okay, okay, my average opinion...but anyway, the book was WAY better than I expected! The beginning was a good story just about John's interactions at school, and the alien thing didn't seem too far fetched. It really added to the story. The book does have quite a bit of relationship stuff in it, but unlike Empty where it got in the way, the relationship actually added to the story in my opinion. It made John seem more human, so you can relate to him more. After some generally happy times, my action side was satisfied by the last 30-40% of the book with a huge fight with Mogadorians! The ending was making me look forward to future books with raised stakes, and sad that it was over. I can't wait to see the movie, but I am worried that they are going to mess it up. John already looks WAY to old in the movie, but hopefully it will be better than I expect.

Questions for Thought:
1. Do you think it would be worse being John, not knowing much about your home planet, or Henri, having to live though the loss?

2. Would you be willing to drop everything and leave all of the time like John, or would you fight Henri to stay?

3. Would you tell close friends that you are an alien? Would you trust them to keep your secret?
Movie Trailer:

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Brenna said...


My husband worked with your mom in the eMINTS program and he shared your review site with me. I am an elementary librarian in the Waynesville school district.

I agree with your comments about "I am Number Four". This is a book that both boys and girls will like because of the romance paired with action (or is that action paired with romance?). It definitely left me anxious for a sequel, which I was disappointed to find doesn't come out until August!

The movie is worth watching, as long as you keep in mind that no movie can capture everything in the book. The actor who played John did look too old, as you said. I also pictured John to be a little more geeky and awkward.

I definitely plan on adding this one to my school's collection!

Brenna Caldwell

Mr. Bennett said...

I am impressed with your Book Talk blog! I've seen the movie trailers and after reading your review, I think this will be my next read. I'm eager to see the next book you review.


Nancee said...

Corey, Try reading Neal Shusterman's book The Dark Side of Nowhere. Similar to I Am Number Four in the sense of teen boy discovering he's an alien. And the movie version of I Am Number Four is great fun. Won't win any awards, but Pettyfer does a great job.

Anonymous said...

Is there any talk of sex in this book?