Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Gathering Blue

Gathering Blue
Lois Lowery
Companion to Neberry Award Winnig The Giver

Kira's mom is dead, and she is fatherless. Because she is crippled, nobody wants her there. Her only gift, her weaving. The council keeps her to repair and complete the singer's robe. She, a boy named Thomas, and a boy named Matt, discover and find more about a little girl locked in a room downstairs. One day Matt is missing, and is nowhere in the village...

Another powerful book by Lois Lowry. This one was very different that the Giver, but still wonderful.

If you were parentless, crippled, hated by mosst, and had no home, what would you do?

If your friend was gone for and exeptionally long time without telling you, what would you do?

If you supposedly dead father came to you from another village, and you had Kira's job, would you stay of go?

Please give me your comments and answers to this post.


Hannah said...

After reading the little blurb you wrote, I knew that Gathering Blue would be very interesting. I love adventure books and this one seems to be the one I will read next.

samantha said...

This seems like a book full of adventure. The cover looks interesting. But as we always say dont judge a book by its cover. I bet this is so totally true for this book. after reading the paragraph it seems like an interesting book.

Corey said...

This book is very good.