Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Vampire Plagues: Paris 1850

Vampire Plagues
Paris 1850
Sebastain Rook

After Proffeser Andesnap gets an invitation to go to Paris to talk with a friend about the ancient Mayan culture, Jack, Emily, and Ben are to be taken too. When a farmiliar illness starts to surge through paris, the three firends know the battle against the Vampire God isn't over yet...

This book was a lot scarrier than London. It was one of my favorite recent reads. the character Dominique was a great addition the the book.

If you had fought the vampire battle with Jack, would you believe what he said happened in the "Holy Place" was true, even if you heard about the illness?

Would Dominique annoy you, or would you be good friends?

What would you do if a ton of vampires were after you?

Please give me your comments and answers to this post.


Connor said...

1. i don't know if i would believe Jack.
2. I would be friends w/ Dominique.

3. I would use Dominique's amulet.

Dominique is my fav character from the book!!

Anonymous said...

1. I would forget Jack for the time being for i can enjoy peace while it lasts.
2. I think Dominique would annoy me
3. I woulld escape too sunlight, use the amulet, or use some bloodrose.

Anonymous said...

1) Dominique is an example of an 1850's prep
2) Jack and Dominique have something together
3) I love Jack, hes my favorite person in the book.