Monday, May 23, 2011

Blog Update with Broken Records!

Hey everyone! Book Talk has broken some important records!

Okay, to start off with, this has been the longest amount of time I have consecutively blogged on my blog. I have had 3-6 blogging streaks (I can't remember the exact number. If you have some free time on your hands and it means that much to you, you can go look in the archives and figure it out yourself.), and this one has been been 6 months long! I intend to just keep letting that number grow, but I thought I'd share the milestone.

Related to that previous record, 2011 now has 37 posts, beating out 2006's 32! I was going to tell you this new accomplishment earlier, but I figured I'd wait until I could reveal the final record as well.

The final record broken is actually happening RIGHT NOW! (For me anyway, since I am writing the post right now...) THIS post, yeah, this one RIGHT HERE is the 100th post on Book Talk! That's quite a few, and once again, it should keep on growing!

Alright, now that the records are out of the way, I get to talk about whatever pops into my head! First of all, I want to say happy end of the school-year to everyone! Not sure if you are out yet or have been out for a week, but it is about that time of year when we get to kick back and relax for a few months before doing it all over again. Make sure to visit your public library or local bookstore and keep reading throughout the summer!

I promised I would keep you updated on Hunger Games stuff, so here is latest I have found:
This is the first picture revealed of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss. Although the she is 20, in this image at least she seems believable age-wise. The hair is very good and the outfit seems to be what they describe in the book. The only thing that doesn't make me think Katniss is that Katniss is supposed to have been nearly starving most of her life, where in the picture she looks skinny, but still well-fed. I totally understand that to look starved would be nearly impossible to fake for a movie, and it really is a minor detail. Really, most of my doubt for Katniss has been wiped away. I just can't wait for more news!

Hmm....I think that is all of the book-related news that I have for the moment. My closing announcement is that I will be at a camp from mid-June to early July, and I have no idea when I will be even able to read, let alone post on the blog. I hope to be able to still get a lot read and have books to review when I get back, but if you don't hear from me for a few weeks, know that I am not giving up on the blog, I'm just away for a while.

As always, please leave some recommendations for books to read, your own thoughts on recent books, any new Hunger Games news (or other book-movie news), and any suggestions for the blog in general!

Happy reading!


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