Friday, May 20, 2011


Gone Series #4

Michael Grant

With Nerezza destroyed, Drake incarcerated, Caine gone, and people hard at work doing their jobs, things seem like they might be peaceful in the FAYZ. However, Albert fears that the water supply is going to run out very soon, so he sends Sam, Dekka, Jack, and Taylor to look for a new lake a few miles away. As they leave, a strange flu seems to be spreading throughout Perdido Beach. Kids are developing severe fevers and begin coughing so hard they literally cough up their lungs and die. Dahra is trying to deal with it the best she can, but without proper training or supplies, she feels helpless. Soon, Drake breaks out of his basement prison and is on the loose, looking for the gaiaphage. Perdido Beach is in chaos, but Sam, many miles away, is oblivious to their troubles. After happening upon a train full of sweet Nutella and sodas, Sam and his crew are in high spirits. Even better, a new site to relocate by a huge new lake is found, but while exploring, Sam and his friends are ambushed by Drake and his new insect army! With little help to fight Drake, and a whole army of car-sized beetles storming Perdido Beach, the only hope may lie in Sam's dire enemy, Caine!

My Thoughts:
Plague may have been the best book in the series to date. Though it was super sad to see Sam and Astrid's relationship crumble, there seemed to be just as much hope in this book as despair. After the weird run-in with Hunter, Sam's excursion makes the reader happy due to all of the exciting new discoveries, mainly the train. I was really hoping the whole time that Diana would be successful in transforming Caine, even if I disapprove of her methods, and I'm glad she left him when he changed. I hope she continues to stay a good person up at the lake. ***SPOILER ALERT*** The whole meeting that split the kids between Sam and Caine was satisfying because they were able to meet peacefully, but I am super disappointed that more didn't go with Sam. I mean, come ON people, can you really forget that Caine was the reason your town was burned down, that your power is off, and you have a bunch of dead friends??? ***SPOILER OVER*** I continue to really like Quinn now that he has accepted his role as fisherman. I am still confused as to what Pete really is, and what his relationship with the gaiaphage, but I think we will get some answers in the next book. The only problem is, I have caught up to the author and have no more books waiting! :( Really, the book was very good, and the mixture of happiness and sorrow/anxiety seemed a little more balanced this time. Great series!

Questions for Thought:
1. What do you think Caine's child will be like?

2. Caine has now helped Sam fight Drake/gaiaphage twice. Can he be trusted?

3. Do you think that Drake can be destroyed?

4. What do YOU think happened to Little Pete?

5. If you were just an average kid, would you go with Sam or stay with Caine at the end of the book? What if you were Quinn? Or Albert?

6. As always, would you leave the FAYZ or stay? Does this differ from your previous answers? Why?

Please leave your comments and answers!

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