Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Inside Out

Inside Out

Maria V. Snyder

Trella hates her life as a scrub. She is constantly working, cleaning the ducts and pipes that fill the Inside. When not working, she is packed into dangerously close quarters with thousands of other lowly scrubs that live in the lower two levels of the Inside. Normally, Trella tries to be alone and seek solitude in the maze of pipes, but when her friend Cog introduces her to a new Prophet speaking of a way out of the Inside, Trella begins to look for crucial information that can help her, and the rest of the scrubs, escape. Soon, the Pop Cops get suspicious, but to Trella's surprise, the other scrubs begin to cover for her. Trella's list of allies begins to grow, but she knows that the stakes are high, and unless they escape soon, the revolution will fail...

My Thoughts:
Inside Out kind of seemed like a mix of 1984, Mockingjay (Hunger Games #3), and parts of Pathfinder. Trella is fairly similar to Katniss in that she hates the governing body that is oppressing the majority of the population, and then becomes a symbol of revolution. However the government itself reminds me of the one in 1984. The Pop Cops that will arrest and kill you if they suspect you are even thinking "treasonous" thoughts are much like the Thought Police. This combination makes for a really suspenseful book, and especially toward the end, the plot takes turns that you would hardly expect! The plot gets rather complicated quickly, so it was hard to write a short synopsis that covers very much of the story, but believe me that this was a fantastic book that you should definitely read.

Questions for Thought:
1. Were you Trella, would you have listened to Cog and the Prophet and got his tapes?

2. If you were involved in the beginnings of an escape attempt and had learned that LC Karla was watching you, would you continue?

3. Would you have trusted Riley? Were you Riley, would you have trusted Trella?

4. Would you have let a previous traitor be a part of your revolution?

5. How would you set up a new government for the Inside?

6. Knowing that the jobs of the scrubs still will need to be done, how would you go about deciding who does "scrub work" and who gets the nicer jobs?

Please leave your comments and answers!

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