Friday, May 20, 2011


Gone Series #3

Michael Grant

Life in the FAYZ is worse than ever. The power is now off forever with the power plant destroyed and Zil's Human Crew is growing more openly antagonistic toward the "freaks" in Perdido beach. Sam is growing frustrated with the slow pace that the council is addressing the problem, and friction is growing between Sam and Astrid in particular. Sam learns that Orsay, a girl who can enter the dreams of others, claims to be able to see people outside of the FAYZ. She and her new assistant, Nerezza, are spreading the news that it is safe to "poof" at fifteen, that it brings you back into the real world. Eventually, a vision shows her that death is another way out. When the council hears of this, they try to hush it up, scared that kids are really committing suicide. However, the real trouble, as usual, comes from Caine. Caine and the Coates kids are starving, but Bug knows of an island that should be stocked with enough food for months. Caine manipulates Zil to begin a fire through the town as a diversion to escape, and for Sam, Edilio, and the rest of Perdido Beach, the trouble is only beginning...

My Thoughts:
Sorry for the rather poor synopsis, I read this book and the next, Plague, back to back, so the details run together and I kept thinking of the plot of Plague, not Lies. I would have blogged before starting, but I was on a weekend trip without a computer. Anyway, I was happy to see that the gaiaphage really is alive still, because it really seemed way too simple in the previous book. The way Sam kind of looses control in this book kind of freaked me out; I didn't think he was capable of such hostility. As we learn more about Little Pete, it seems to pose more questions than answers. It is hard to tell sometimes if he is even against or for the Darkness. I also wonder if it is really true that the people who die or poof just appear outside, or if it was a vision that the Darkness wanted Orsay to see in order to manipulate others. My guess is that it was to manipulate, especially the way that Brittany described its relationship with the wall, but the fact that there really were parents and TV crews outside when Pete made the wall go away temporarily does make you wonder if it were true or not. I'd say that this book may have been better than Hunger, but it was a lot more depressing.

Questions for Thought:
1. Were you on the council, would you try to keep Orsay quiet, or let her speak, not knowing if she is telling the truth or not?

2. How should Zil be taken care of? He is an obvious problem, but how could it be done fairly and without making him a martyr?

3. What really happens when you poof?

4. Do you think that the darkness can be destroyed? How?

5. What do you think would happen to the FAYZ if Little Pete died?

6. With new hardships to face, would you leave the FAYZ or stay? Does this differ from your previous answers? Why?

Please leave your comments and answers!

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