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The Five Fakirs of Faizabad

The Five Fakirs of Faizabad
Children of the Lamp
Book 6

P. B. Kerr

Uncle Nimrod is very puzzled when he meets a member of the English KGB (King's Gambling Board) who shares her concern that the homeostasis (balance of good and bad luck) has been tampered with. Nimrod is soon joined by his nephew and niece, John and Philippa Gaunt. They discover that someone has been trying to cause a large amount of bad luck in order to arise one of the ten Fakirs of Faizabad. These ancient men were entrusted with an answer to one of the great mysteries of life and were to rise from the earth if the world was filled with bad luck. It is up to John, Philippa, Uncle Nimrod, and Groanin to try and stop whoever is behind the excess of bad luck and protect the secret of the Fakir at all costs!

This is probably my favorite of the Children of the Lamp books so far. The plot is more complicated and many more characters are involved. Some of the thought involved with the different mysteries of the universe, as well as the concept of the ending scene, is very interesting (to me at least. But I also really liked Rabbi Joshua's rambling about numbers, being a total math nerd.) ***SPOILER ALERT*** I was SO relieved to see that Rakshasas is alive, even if he is a wolf. And the ending, with them not remembering anything was really sad. It was almost as bad as The Tomorrow Code! I hope that the Jinx will still find a way to Yellowstone. ***SPOILER OVER*** Anyway, great book and I hope that there is another!

Where would you go to find a person deserving of three wishes? How would you convince them that you really can make them happen?

If you were a creature like the Jinx, would you stay in one place, even though you were causing bad luck, in hope that someone would find you?

Do you think that eventually the ending Deja Vu will turn into a full memory?

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