Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Weekend Update....on a Thursday

Greetings, Blog World!

First of all, if you are confused as to why this is called a Weekend Update...on a Thursday, it is because I got a snow day today! I have about 5 inches outside my house, but the sun is now it and it is already melting. So that takes care of Thursday. Friday goes away because there is a teacher work day at my school, so a long weekend for me! Hopefully, a good chance to read! I recently started Everlost by Neal Shusterman. (His Unwind book was VERY creepy good.)

Second of all, you might wonder the point of the post, since it isn't a book review, as far as I can tell anyway. I think I might just post updates like this on a weekend every once in a while, just to casually say "Hey everyone!" instead of a more formal (Formal? Ha! That's a good one...) review.

My first announcement is that I will probably be adding a new ending to my posts, just saying follow Corey's Book Talk on twitter here, because I am updating twitter more, and hopefully my tweets will get even more frequent.

Second announcement: I am probably going to set up a facebook page for Corey's Book Talk so there can be more user interaction, as well as an easier way to spread the word of this blog. Keep your eyes out for a post with further information if I do decided to add one.

Finally, I want to ask for suggestions from you all! I am here to help (maybe even entertain) you all, and to do that better, I need feedback! Is there anything you want me to add in my review posts? Is there a new type of post you want me to make? Are there any sidebar widget things you think I should add? Even simple things like book suggestions, please feel free to give advice and feedback!

Well, since that last point started with "Finally", I think that the end of this post is very near. I should have another review out tomorrow (I guess that wasn't the last announcement after all...) and check twitter for any possible updates on a Facebook page.

See ya' later!

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