Monday, January 31, 2011


Escape From Furnace
Book 2

Alexander Gordon Smith

Even when Alex, Gary, and Zee finally make it into the river beneath Furnace, they are not safe. After running from the mutant dogs of Furnace, they wind up beneath the prison in an even worse area. Gary is taken to the infirmary, but Alex and Zee are sent into Solitary, small holes in the ground where prisoners are sent for extreme punishment. They get food every two days, and the only water is the condensation on the walls. With no known way to communicate and little to eat and drink, the longest anyone has lasted is four days. Alex and Zee must last a month. However, soon they discover that they can communicate by banging on the pipe meant for a toilet. Zee and Alex keep their minds, and soon get a visitor. Alex is dragged out of his cell by a mutated prisoner named Simon. The experiments that the Wheezers did on Simon were going wrong, but before they could kill him he escaped. He has been hiding where he can, but once he heard Alex was in Solitary, Simon knew he found someone who could plan an escape. With the stakes even higher and new, more dangerous enemies coming into the picture, Alex and Zee have one more shot to escape.

My Thoughts:
As soon as I picked up this book in my library and read the inside flap, I was about to start throwing a fit! At the end of Lockdown, the reader TOTALLY thinks that the trio makes it out, but this one completely shattered my dreams. (Imagine how Alex had to feel...) I didn't think that the intensity of this book could outdo that of Lockdown, but with the added danger of the rats, it would be hard for it to be less intense. I am DEFINITELY hooked on the story, and I am dying to get my hands on Death Sentence! (That's ironic...) ***SPOILER ALERT*** Once again I was about to lose it big time when the escape plan failed. THEY SAW THE SUN!!! ***SPOILER OVER*** I'm really not sure what else to say about it, just that you should read it!

NOTE: I REALLY must caution this book against younger readers. This book is even more intense than Lockdown, and the things that you find out about the Wheezers is really horrible. I really would only say that kids in High School should read this. Even then, some kids may not want to. This book is really intense. (Once again, other than the scary aspect of the book, I don't recall any language or inappropriate material.)

Questions for Thought:
1. How would you try to keep your mind in Solitary?

2. If you had the scalpel like Alex, would you use it to end the misery?

3. If you were Simon and you had the supplies from the Infirmary, would you just leave Alex and Zee and climb the cathedral by yourself?

Please leave your comments and answers!

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Eric said...

Loved your review so much, it almost makes me want to read a book. :) Great job dude!