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This Isn't What it Looks Like

This Isn't What it Looks Like
Secret Series Book 4

Pseudonymous Bosch

First of all I would like to say, THIS is what it looks like (a book review for those of you who can't tell), This Isn't What it Looks Like is simply a very confusing book title. I had some people ask me what I was reading (Since it was on my Kindle, they cannot just look at the cover.), and this answer TOTALLY confused them, and then made me laugh. I love the titles of this series! The Name of This Book is Secret, If You're Reading This it's Too Late, and This Book is Not Good For You are the other books.

In order to fulfill her role as Secret Keeper, Cass has eaten some of Senior Hugo's chocolate and sent her mind to the past. She hopes to find the Jester, her ancestor and the founder of the Terces Society, and learn the secret from him. Unfortunately, she seems to be stuck in a coma to the rest of the world, and Max-Ernest is very concerned and feels extremely guilty, thinking it is all his fault. Max-Ernest gets the help of Benjamin Blake, who he helped save from the Midnight Sun a few years ago, and tries to wake her up, but it turns out Blake is not who he says he his! With Yo-Yoji on vacation and Cass stuck in the past, Max-Ernest all alone, left wondering what to do to help his friend.

I must say, I was at first slightly disappointed in this book. I actually started it right after The Scorch Trials and left it alone for a while, seeming to be bored. I think it may be more to do with the fact that it is a slower series in general compared to the Maze Runner series that I got bored than that the book itself is actually boring. Also, having the main characters separated is kind of sad. However, near the end, I was totally hooked and it is one of the most intriguing of the series with a killer cliffhanger. In truth, you find out quite a bit about Bosch himself, and since most of the characters are separated throughout the book, you learn much more about them as well. I still LOVE the author's writing style with its sarcastic comments and overall comical tone. The footnotes are always a fun addition, partly because it is just so different and they also usually contain humor. (My only word of advice about them is kind of about the book in general: Don't read it on an e-Book reader. The story is the same, and I read it on my Kindle and got through it, but the footnotes are linked in the "back of the book" instead of at the bottom of the page, and a few times I totally lost my place in the book because I hit the wrong button to get out of the footnote and back to the story.) The book is very light-hearted, unlike most of the books I have read recently, so it was kind of nice.

I believe that the next book will have something to do with the sense of touch. The first one focused on smell, the second hearing, the third taste, and this one sight, so it will be interesting to see how touch is incorporated. That is unless it is just a big coincidence, but I doubt it.

Who do you think is more scared in the beginning - Cass being invisible in the medieval ages, or Max-Ernest with a comatose friend?

Do you think that Benjamin is really back to normal at the end, or is he faking? (He seems to switch sides a lot.)

What do you think the Secret is?

Please comment and leave your answers!

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emac1231 said...

this book was so good! i loved the beginning!